Independent academic medical second opinions

Secure diagnose and treatment

The right expert

We offer independent academic medical second opinions to companies. Our global medical specialist network enables us to offer qualified second opinions at a reasonable cost. This is a security for patients, close family, employer, insurer and local doctor and offers decision support in difficult cases. The patient, sick or injured, gets access to the right, quality assured specialist, without having to search. 

Second Opinion

A second opinion is a re-evaluation of a previously given diagnose. Do the leading medical experts in the world agree with the assessment from your doctor? Our second opinions reconsider the diagnose and planned treatment, suggest treatment and, if needed, on clinics. 


When diagnosed with a critical illness, rapid access to specialist care is crucial. Caregivers may lack experience or competence within a certain specialist area and mistakes may occur. A second opinion is motivated when a patient has doubts on given recommendations. Some patients who get a second opinion get a change in recommendation and proposed treatment. A second opinion increases the chance to get proper Treatment and reduces the risk for over- or underusing care. Even when a second opinion confirms the previously given diagnose, it reassures the patient. A second opinion is beneficial to every patient, close family member, employer and insurer. 


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About the company

Nya AM e-Consulting is a subsidiary to Läkartid nu Nordic AB, 559039-2352, and a part of the Rethinking Care Sweden AB Group together with Agilit Svenska AB, Friskare på jobbet AB, Säkravård Norden AB och Niana AB. Several of the companies are located in Lund, Sollentuna, Oslo and Kristiansand and we are also known as Curando. Read more att and