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Second opinion


Health politics
Health care around the world is heading for dramatic changes, fuelled by demographic and socioeconomic mega trends rapidly reshaping our attitudes, beliefs and politics.


No hospital can serve 100 % with top quality care

Most hospitals can manage 95 % but will have to refer or consult for the rest. Through strategic alliances with other established centres and instant access to additional expertise for advice in few selected cases treatment referrals do increase.

The future has already arrived – the web offers:

• Medical services and diagnosis

• Patient browse menus of surgical procedures and prices, at distant facilities, then detail their complaints by e-mail for on-line consultations

• A double-edged knife

We provide Second opinion

• A fully diagnosed patient with a recommended treatment likes to get a second opinion, especially in serious diseases

• Must be from an independent leading expert without actually taking over the management

• With modern technology a remote expert can examine medical information online before talking to the patient by phone.



Health care management support


We are assisting in
• Planning and start up
• Quality assurance
• Education



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